Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Regional Inventors Fair

The 25th annual Thomas A. Edison Regional Inventors Fair took place Saturday, January 14th at the campus of FGCU.
Kevin Lollar of the News-Press wrote a review including comments from E.I.A. member Elmer Zettle who said " Those kids are really amazing....people think schools don't teach anything, but, my gosh, come to these fairs and see some of the stuff these kids come up with." 
Let's thank the E.I.A. members and others who volunteered their time as judges,etc throughout the day.
Meanwhile, the E.I.A. display at Discovery Village informed folks about the invention process...and how we offer inventor assistance at monthly meetings.
Of course, the kids had fun shooting mini hoops and learning how to putt a golf ball at a musical target.

Again, thanks to all who helped this event.

OOOPS.... Some noticed the girl shooting hoops in the background.
                  Yes, that's another exhibit I brought for entertainment.
                  Basketball is in my blood....The Ballback ball return
                  residuals have fed us for some time
                  So....I bought this "mini hoop" on ebay.
                  The thing came brand new...packaged parts sealed tight.
                  Artistic Signs helped to alter the backboard graphic...
                  just  to excite the kids. (I like it, too!)


          Then I offered to create one for our local Kia Dealer......
          Billy hasn't responded!

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