Friday, January 31, 2014

"Drop Stop" Success

As reported at the January Edison Inventors Association meeting, I purchased a “Drop Stop” after viewing the invention in an amazing infomercial. Many folks originally saw the clever gadget seeking funding on the popular “Shark Tank” show.  Two inventors presented the simple, soft tube-like device. It fits and fills the gap between a car seat and the center console. It stops stuff from falling through...out of reach. As usual, simple is better. 
Lori Greiner (the queen of QVC, an inventor and a shark) invested in the product. She helped the Drop Stop discover huge success – already on “Oprah” , “The View” and in Walmart. Plus, the infomercial that took my attention (and money) has been rated as one of the best ever.  You can find it- and more about this amazing success story (it can happen to you) by visiting

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