Monday, September 19, 2016

Pressure Washer Attachment

Last time our teen-aged  nephew  visited, he  helped to  clean  our paver block driveway with a  gas  powered pressure washer -  with only  the normal pistol gripped,  extended spray head wand.  Holding the wand, and continually swinging it back and forth ,, well that  proved to be tiring.  Our arms were sore from resisting the pressure, and the spray head nozzle often  scatter dirt and debris.  
This year we bought the pictured attachment  from Home Depot.  so I could do the job alone.  It snaps onto standard wands, replacing the nozzle ...and sweeps easily (like a vacuum cleaner).  The rotating nozzles stays close to the surface  and  overspray is contained by the housing. 

Trust me...the job was far quicker and easier with this amazing surface cleaner attachment. It cost less than feeding a teen-ager.  Yes!  What a great idea!

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