Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tom was lucky

This story was emailed to many friends...and it's repeated here to help anyone I missed.


I’ve been telling friends and doctors for some time- that I didn’t feel well. Something was wrong!

I felt nauseous. I took pills. I swallowed upset stomach stuff. I had a stress test – and a CAT- Scan. One night a short walk brought a burning chest pain. Next day, mowing the lawn brought the pain again. A quick check of my high blood pressure tried to warn me.

The bouts of burning pain and high blood pressure became more frequent upon even limited work, exercise or physical stress. I searched the web for clues and references to my problem.

Several things, including stomach faults were mentioned. But, the primary repeated threat was that of a heart problem. I now had a chest burning pain and high blood pressure while sitting listless in a chair. Wednesday afternoon we raced to the emergency room of Cape Coral Hospital.

Yes, I was quickly diagnosed as having a heart problem. It took two nitroglycerin tablets under the tongue to calm the pain. Next, an NTG patch was stuck to me - for timely release. Then an I.V. tube was dripping a bagged supply into my arm. Doctors planned procedures for the morning.

Next day, an ambulance hurried me to HealthPark Medical Center in Ft. Myers for immediate attention.

There, my gurney got right in line – awaiting cardiac catheterization and diagnosis.

Dr. David Bailey found the problem- a 95% blockage of the RCA (Right Coronary Artery), supplying the heart.

Using angioplasty procedure he planted a stent to re-open my artery - hopefully forever.

You can view this painless procedure on a 3 minute virtual video at

Don’t you dare miss it!

And please, remember the warning signs I witnessed - and react before it’s too late.

Good health, Thomas Kershaw

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