Tuesday, January 17, 2012

6 Hour Provisional Patent Application

It's true.
I wrote a complete Provisional Patent Application in 6 hours.
Here's why... and how... it was done.
My protoypes of the Putting Tuner Tracker were constructed the first week of January.
They were destined for display at Discovery Village during the Regional Inventors Fair, Saturday the 14th.
So Friday was dedicated to composing a Priovisional Patent Application.
First, at  9:10 AM,  I pasted another recent hair-brained application to my computer.
With a familiar reference to edit, it was easy to follow a sensible pattern of text presentation.
Altering earlier pages of  Background, Description, Summary and Variations helped stimulate similar attention to details, benefits and uniqueness of the Putting Tuner Tracker.
A descriptive Sell Sheet showing the Putting Tuner Tracker prototypes was included.
And , of course a copy of my Inventor Logbook page showing initial concepts of the idea.
Then obvious changes were made to the Application Title Page and the required USPTO forms.
On the same day, at 2:49 PM, I mailed the whole bundle and a $125 check to the USPTO.
So, really... It was done in less that 6 hours.
And there is no excuse for "sitting" on your ideas.
As Larry, the Cable Guy says.... "Get 'er done." 

 PUTTING TRACKER in action.  Check this out! 

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