Monday, September 10, 2018

My Golf Lesson

Early in our marriage, I urged my wife to try golfing (I loved it). No, she wasn't interested. It's too hard, too hot, too boring.  Later, she did go - but I had to be quiet (no comments... no instructions).  Well, It took some time before she would golf with others. Then, she liked our social golf groups-and she started playing quite well (without any lessons- and certainly no practice - and no husband help).  By now she has gone through several golf bags, five putters I know of,  and about 3000 golf balls. Sorry, I had to quit golf (bad spine - chronic pain).  But still, she goes golfing at least once a week....with others or alone...using coupons that allow entry to various challenging courses. She has no problem teeing off with the men.  Today she put her "hole in one trophy" on display near our T.V.   Yup, I have to look at it every single damn day. That's my golf lesson. 


  1. Yeah Rosie! a hole in one is an accomplishment...rarefied air.

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