Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Super Scraper-Stripper

All the details of our "Barnacle Stripper" hand tool are available at Edison Nation under the "insider" program. It invites interested parties (manufacturers/distributors) to review our products.

Today we added information regarding a name change to the "Super Scraper-Stripper" to reflect the many uses of this great tool.

So let's not limit this tool to the removal of barnacles. The Super Scraper-Stripper handles lots of dirty jobs. Remember the t.v. show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. He scraped, stripped and cleaned all kinds of nasty things - like sewers, chicken coops, caves of dung droppings and other places you and I would avoid. However, this video shows how our scraper tool helps with a more common event... pool renovation.

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