Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crowdfunding Coming

We all know there is a crying need for financial assistance to help aspiring entrepreneurs. In short, most inventors don't have funding. Why? Because they are often younger, busy raising families, paying bills and trying to keep ahead.  Older folks are having their own troubles with this economy.

So, the Great Ideas (tm) division of Ballback Inc is now expanding into "Crowdfunding".  We have a large list of reputable platforms, rules, expenses and obligation. We plan to select the proper venue and discipline to succeed with funding for deserving inventions, products, projects and businesses. Yup, it's been in the news lately - that even equity crowdfunding is coming into play.
You just need the right idea, and a few believers who'll support your efforts and dreams.

We hope to help! We are seeking sources of freelance assistance from responsible photographers, videographers, web site gurus, and marketers to help this exciting business grow.  Updates will be added here as well as on web sites under construction.  Oh, here's a likely site header.
(Feel free to contact me for details)

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