Friday, December 17, 2010

The Secret Combination

I love passing on these dumb ideas. They make my own ideas seem more valuable. This one must be rated as a classic dumb of the best ever.

In Florida,  homes seldom have cellars. People need extra room to store stuff like furniture, tools, machinery and junk. We use a small self-storage facility for hoarding boxes, shipping materials and inventory of my unsold clever ideas. Okay, you can call it junk! 

So this is another tenant story...another dumb ass idea...of a tenant at the storage facility.  Remember the kayak that fell from the ceiling?  This story is even better - or worse - depending on your view.

Apparently, one tenant has trouble remembering the combination of their locked storage unit. So- they developed an ingenious solution. They simply painted the respective numbers needed to open their tumbler combiation lock. Simple!  Align the painted numbers..and the lock opens!

 Look closely at the padlock...another secret number is ready to revolve into position with the other colored figures.

What a clever idea!  Now the tenant has no trouble getting through the door. Any caveman can do it!

Remember this story when evaluating hair-brained ideas. Some ideas seem good at first...but end up being really stupid.

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