Saturday, February 21, 2009

How To Lose Your Patent

Guess what! You can lose your utility patent all by yourself.You feared flimflammers, scammers, and phony promoters. Now you may have yourself to blame - for throwing your money away.

Remember the expenses of patent application (at the Patent Office):
The Fiing Fee..... the Search.....the Examination fee....
Then you faced years of maintenance fee payments. And probably Attorney fees and drafting charges.

Well, after all that effort and money spent for security and lasting protection…

You can still lose it all.

You can lose your utility patent (or any litigation) if….
  • Maintenance fees aren’t paid.
  • Your patent fails to teach, describe or claim properly.
  • Prior art proves your idea wasn’t new.
  • You engaged in any illegal activity connected to the patent.
  • You committed any fraud against the U.S.P.T.O.
Now you’ve learned two things about Utility patents.
1. They cost a lot. 2. They're easy to lose.
You’re also going to learn they don’t really offer any great protection (not by themselves).
Sad, but true. The next video will explain. See you soon! Tom.

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