Monday, March 9, 2009


Stealing a tag line from realtors, all inventors must recognize the need for three things; credibility. credibility, credibility. Your product depends on it.

Who you trust, who you depend on and who you pay; for assistance, expertise and representation is absolutely critical to your product - and probably your health and well-being. The assistance you “rely on” for production, distribution and marketing - can make you or break you.

You have to couple with those wanting to “make it happen” You need others who actually “care” about your product…your success.You'll be building a team. You’ll want some resemblance of ambition, expertise and persistence to help you - to lessen your load and provide some answers for the task at hand. You'll need help that’s competent and credible.

Credibility is not measured by the framed documents on somebody’s wall. Nor is it guaranteed by historical accomplishments or the repeated promises and praises of present abilities. Credibility is measured by “what have you done for me lately”.

You'll want someone showing you a list of appointments, luncheons, phone contacts and other efforts in your behalf. You want to see some efforts of “product Push”. It should be evident in all phases of manufacturing, distribution and sales. A credible helper should be bragging about the “team” support and “team” progress. That’s your team!

The best way to check credibility is from “one on one” conversations with others, in the same boat as you. Get the goods from other inventor club members. They’ve learned who to trust - who’s helpful - and who delivers. They’ll also recall personal encounters, satisfactions and accomplishments. They’ll also spill the beans on frustrating short comings , disappointing results or any of those flimflammers. Yes, Flimflammers!

By paying cash “up-front” any weasel can buy a most impressive, glossy advertisement for bragging all about their resources, abilities and performance. Don’t you dare “pay up front”. Don’t risk your money on a bogus deal - that can leave you “high and dry”. Your money will be gone. And you’ll have no help.

Avoid this disaster! Obtain references from living, breathing and satisfied customers. A credible source (factory, distributor or marketer) will gladly comply with a client list. If not, walk away! But when they do comply - call those clients. Get the scoop on how well they performed for someone else. Those folks needed help, just like you. Was it worth it?

This may sound like a callous approach to finding friendly assistance, but “business is business.” That’s exactly what you’re getting into - the business of Product Pursuit.

It’s no longer all fun and games of fiddling with a great idea. Now you’re dealing “hard cash”, and you expect results for your invested money, your efforts and your anguish.

Forget all the “love” and “praises” of your product - and the fantasy that it will happen overnight.This is strictly business. And any successful business has a habit of relying on - what? Do you remember what we’re talking about? Credibility!

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