Sunday, March 1, 2009

Logbook - Benefits

Last time - We talked about Logbook RULES….there are also logbook BENEFITS.

Sometime, you’ll want to bounce some ideas off a friend. See what they think. This is when the rules of the logbook come into play and you benefit from detailed entries.

You might prefer having lunch with a fellow inventor and your logbook….to discuss your idea and get them to sign as a witness. A lunch setting is more relaxed than facing an office desk. Everyone’s more comfortable. Comments, suggestions and criticisms are easier to swallow between bites.

Your friend must comprehend your idea (that’s required). Only then should they sign and date as legal and supportive witness. This is serious business. They’re giving testimony that they clearly understand your idea on this date. I hope they never have to testify, but logbooks and witnesses are accepted ammunition in legal battles and court room proceeding. It does happen!

Your logbook kept tabs on who you talked to, where you went and what was discussed. It better show variations of your product…any possible improvements...and optional features. Cover all the bases…so any listener (like a strange business associate) doesn’t start thinking about their own version.

You might even ask them to sign a page. It’s not every day someone is asked to witness a real invention. They might be thrilled to sign & date. They’ll certainly remember it and be well aware that you have proof they were informed – where and when.Now, aren’t you glad you made nice, clear, comprehensive entries! That’s the benefit of having a logbook.

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