Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Basketball Survives - Shoot Some Hoops

You don’t have to be a die-hard sport fan to love shooting hoops. Free throws bring the game back to home court level – where anyone can play. This post introduces a new web site, some fun and a hint of things to come- aimed at every free-throw shooter.

First, I’ll always be a frustrated basketball player – too small, old, and slow. But I still love to shoot hoops. Like many, I limit my game to the confines of my driveway. That’s where I can win all the games I play – by myself. All alone, time and again, I hit the imagined winning goal from the foul line. Free-throw shooting still thrills a lot of lonely players. You don’t have to be tall, strong or super-human. You need nothing more than a ball, a goal and time for pleasure.

Years ago, I learned to hate chasing the ball. It interrupted the fun. That’s when and why I invented BALLBACK – the popular basketball return device that snaps on your rim…and kicks the ball back to the shooter. So now you know two things about me. One, I still shoot hoops. Two, I hate chasing the ball. I know I’m not alone on those counts. Maybe you'll like this too.

We want to share the fun of free throws with others. Here’s how. We’ve just created a new site named http://www.free-throw-shooter.com/ where you sign up for FREE. Enter a screen name, your hometown and age group. But, first shoot 50 free throws so you can report how many shots you “made”. That’s it. All you do is report how many you hit. We’ll post your result and see if you stay listed long enough (30 days) to earn an award. No, you don’t have to spend money to shoot hoops. We like it that way.

Of course, our basketball skill building products are displayed. There’s also a player video. But our site isn’t dependent on sales. We’re motivated otherwise…to evaluate public interest for our next venture. That will be Free-Throw-Survivor. It will be a more intense competition with strict rules and more rewards. All ages and skill levels will qualify. But, first things first!

Please visit http://www.free-throw-shooter.com/ and see what it’s all about. We welcome comments.

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