Friday, August 14, 2009

Inventor Videos Update

The re-release of Clips 14 (Trademarks) & Clip 15 (Trademark Horror Story) concludes my update of 21 "original" Inventor Videos of subjects that assist inventors and entrepreneurs. The 21 videos were revamped to include logos with topic titles, music, text highlights and transitions between images and videos - all intended to make their presentations friendlier. Future videos will follow this favored format. Here's Clip 14.

At Inventor Videos these 21 videos are labeled as related to "Patents" or other "helpful" info to assist indexing of the topic material. Some videos include description or reference to Utility, Design, Plant and Provisional Patents. Others cover Credibility, Flimflammers, Worthy Products, Niches, Confidentiality, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Logbooks and Trademarks. Future videos may be indexed by other topic labels to help identify their content. Here's Clip 15.

Our sister site ( is dedicated as a library of these (and other) videos. Random topics range from product presentations and marketing techniques to inventor insights & experiences. Whenever a video appears as part of a post on or - it will be archived at as well. The topics may drift from inventor interest to other matters, but remain informative and entertaining. Take a break...and visit from our sidebar to see other Clips...then bounce back.

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