Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rich Dad Review

I question most “get rich” schemes and “money making” opportunities. But, it’s only fair to “check them out”.

Recently I attended a “Launch Your Business Workshop” presented via “Rich Dad Education”. The tag line promoting the workshop was “ Learn to start or grow your own business, now”. Materials solicited my attendance by claiming I should learn some pointers of how to… raise capital, choose business structure, negotiate, pay taxes, provide leadership, and profit. I would get a free copy of “The Power of Owning Your Own Corporation”. Yes, all free!
The free 2 to 3 hour workshop hinted the principles of Rich Dad Poor Dad. The formula for success seemed to rely on investing in “assets” (such as income producing things - self-employment and income property). In other words, avoid working for “the man” and a meager paycheck. That’s their mantra for earning “big bucks”. Like I didn’t know!
Repeated rally cries for crowd participation with “raise your hand if…” and questions like “who’d rather be rich…” could not defeat my growing indifference. I wanted substance!
Half-way through the workshop, it became apparent that precious particulars would be revealed only upon enrollment in a 3 day “extensive’” course. That would cost $995. BUT WAIT! It will only cost $495...if you sign only. Ouch, I hate that pitch...time to go!
Perhaps you paid and will benefit from the program, but I prefer investing in other assets (holding value). In fairness - I checked them out….heard enough…and left without my “free” book. WAS I WRONG??

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