Saturday, March 7, 2009

It Can Happen To You

Like a lot of you, I had a hare-brained idea. It haunted me for years.

Then I found myself “out of work” - with lots of time, lots of energy and just a little money (like other folks today). I can’t believe I was so stupid - to think my “Great Idea” could be a successful product. But it happened! And I know can happen to you.

Want proof! Just take a look at my Ballback Basketball Return. It hangs on rims in every neighborhood. It kicks the basketball back to the player.

You’ve seen it in Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target. Orange, yellow – any color. Ballback went world-wide - made it “big time”. You know the old cliché ...“If I can do it - so can you."Well, here I am... living proof, and I’m telling you, “It can happen to you.”

But, there are some things you gotta do.

First: You’ll need the “dream “. We all have one secret, one great idea. Keeping that dream alive requires drive, persistence and some “get up and go”. You’ll need some help from inventor friends – who’ve been there, done that. Inventor friends supply stimulation. They keep your fire alive. They keep your inventive juices flowing. Sometime you just need a shot of giddy-up. We all do!

Where do you find inventor friends? My home state of Florida leads the country with active Inventor Groups. Ft. Myers has the Edison Inventors Association. The United Inventors Association will identify other clubs. And the Inventors Digest magazine prints a whole list of clubs by state and city.

Most clubs have links to other inventor sources and friendly helpers. All you have to do is visit one meeting. You’ll join!

You’ll see some of my inventor friends and their products at one of my favorite places… My next video will tell you the second thing you’ll have to do - to help your product become a “money-maker”. Don’t miss it. It can happen to you!

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