Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Enjoying A Quick Fix

Sometimes inventors have a habit of over-thinkiing things. We take the long road to figure things out, instead of grasping the simpler solution. That's when we bang our head and wonder why we didn't see the obvious.

Don't fret; it's natural to fear the worst. We seem to anticipate jobs, chores and home projects to be harder than they really are. To our credit, we usually plan more than ample time - according to the task. And we've learned to enjoy quick accomplishments.

Such is the story of this video. It tells of an easy correction of an oil leak abnd nauseating engine smell. It reflects several lessons.
1- Jobs aren't always as difficult as imagined.
2- You can be rewarded with time to brag and toast success.
3 - It might be wise to keep such things a secret.

You'll have to think about it!

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