Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 Ideas For Edison Nation

Edison Nation offers Blogs, forums and videos to inform and assist the everyday inventor. Like many others, I joined Edison Nation to get ideas in front of retailers and manufacturers. Members can submit innovative ideas for evaluation, development, assistance or possible selection by sponsors of Live Product Searches -for particular products. Members can upgrade to “Insider” status that offers discounts on service fees and participation in special Open Searches for innovative products of all kinds. An Open Product Search just closed (8/30/10) and I just barely made it in time.

For months I’ve been chasing three ideas that seemed worthy of pursuit - meaning they might become profitable products. The ideas came quick. Prototypes took longer. And market research seemed to take forever.

Writing narrative text for video filming, editing and uploading the packages brought me to within hours of missing the deadline. But, my submissions were accepted in time. Fortunately, patent materials were already sent - by express mail. Now I can tell you about them!

AVALANCHEtm is an innovative bowl intended to satisfy a friend. He whined about his cereal being too wet…or too dry. Not enough bananas, or too many. AVALANCHE has a secret way of sliding stuff (cereal - fruit- nuts) into a puddle of milk. Just as you like it!

The TURKISH ICE WRAPtm evolved during my 23 straight days of decompression under Chiropractic care. After every session, I needed lower back chilling from ice packs (20 minutes on, 20 off and 20 on again). I had time to doze and dream a better way to apply crushed ice for numbing various parts of my anatomy. This idea feels better than the bowl!

LOST MY MARBLEStm evolved from my balance board idea that grabbed attention at this year’s Discovery Village. It’s a test of balance, dexterity, reflexes and seeing how fast you can lose your marbles. It’s more fun than the other ideas!

Now I have time to finish my next two harebrained ideas. Edison Nation won’t have another Open Search for a few months.

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