Friday, December 3, 2010

The new eBook version of Inventor In Paradise has pictures, sound, videos and flipping pages. It’s for inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs of all levels and experience. It defines the process of profitable product pursuit - how to “make it happen”. The book gives more than stepping stones for fruitful development of ideas and product marketing. You get unforgiving rules, procedures for product evaluation and definitions of the protections for your ideas, inventions and products. The author’s personal insight, stumbles and success offer enlightening testimony to the persistence required.

You’ll read revelations and confessions of the good, bad and ugly dealings with chain stores, factories, China, marketers and flimflammers. You’ll learn techniques to prove ideas are worthy of pursuit. You’ll get hints and tips for selecting packaging, manufacturing, pricing and licensing of your products.

Thomas Kershaw is the inventor of BALLBACK – a successful basketball return device that populated sport stores, big box marts and grabbed a licensing agreement that many inventors dream about. As president of Ballback Inc - with an expanding family of products - he tells the real story (and the horrors) you face while pushing products to success. As a Floridian (and mentor to others), he’s known as the Inventor in Paradise. Tom’s new eBook has the all the details and comments to assure us… he’s been there.

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