Sunday, April 24, 2011

EIA Meeting 4-20-11

A crowd of innovators and entrepreneurs filled the April meeting of Edison Inventors Association at the Ft. Myers Edison-Ford Winter Estate – to enjoy two timely presentations.

Jimmy Picard, a club member/inventor, started off with a show & tell slide presentation of his clever invention. It’s called the “PiCard for Flash” and described as a “memory card organization system”. It’s small enough to slip into a wallet and solves a large problem. Thin and compartmented, it organizes and protects the various shapes and sizes of memory chips fitting today’s array of hi tech cameras, video recorders, phones, and computers. Jim says “you’ll never lack for memory”. He provides a reader to assist memory exchanges between such devices. He even distributed a Focus Group Questionnaire.

The main speaker for the evening was James Cardle, PHD, Patent Attorney, and proud EIA member. He was brave enough to spill insight on a hot issue – proposed changes to reform the U.S. Patent System. It’s serious stuff to most inventors and gadget builders. The battle is about keeping our “first to invent” ownership claim (U.S. inventors often favor) or adopting the more worldly “first to file” ruling (now being considered at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office).

Mr. Cardle enlightened us to the good, bad and ugly points of either option. His calm, compassion and humble humor introduced terms and incentives regarding the alternatives. He shed light on issues of disclosure, filing, patenting, searches, prior art, derivations, prior use and imparting knowledge to the public. Like I said, he spilled a lot while capturing our attention. At the end (either way) we're better informed for supporting our personal  position – and we gave Mr.Cardle a deserved applause.

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