Monday, June 27, 2011

Shovel Shield

Every homeowner wonders - "Where can I dig plant a bush, a fence post or anything else...without fear of hitting a water pipe, electric line or service cable".
Now, you can avoid digging disasters - before expensive repairs, outages, accident or personal injury.

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The Shovel Shield is an invention (pat. pend.) to warn you of dangers buried beneath the soil. You (or anyone else) can easily bury a Shovel Shield slightly above water pipes, electrical lines and service cables that deserve protection from shovel damage.  Your shovel hits the protective shield - to warn you of dangers below.

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   Lengths of Shovel Shield can be extruded or molded of rigid materials or formed from flexible "tape" material - strong enough to halt your shovel stroke...and grab your attention. Obvious graphics, labels and warnings on the Shovel Shield quickly inform you of dangers below.
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