Saturday, November 19, 2011

EIA Meeting 11-16-11


Over sixty five folks enjoyed the November meeting of the Edison Inventors Association. Two inventors presented products in hopes of grabbing a $2000 grant to offset product development and patent expenses. E.I.A. members will decide which great idea gets the annual award.

Maureen Moravec displayed decorative and washable blankets and wheelchair pads designed to absorb embarrassments of toddlers, teens and adults.

Ryan Liker showed his Power Roof Vent that pushes out hot attic air while conserving your hard-earned money.

Both were great presentations....a tough choice!

Meanwhile, Patent Attorney James Cardle held court. He answered concerns regarding the Provisional Patent Application and how it’s effected by the recent patent ruling of “First To File” replacing “First To Invent”.

 It's how E.I.A. members contribute to help others....thanks, Jim.

Every month (but December) E.I.A. members meet at the Edison-Ford Winter Estate.
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