Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The E.I.A. Display Case

The Edison Inventors Association is privileged to hold monthly meetings at the renowned Edison-Ford Winter Estate in Ft. Myers.  We meet within an atmosphere of invention and innovation that reflects and honors the genius of Thomas A. Edison.  Club members and countless visitors are humbled, enlightened and encouraged while surrounded by endless memories of a lifetime devoted to innovative achievements benefiting the world today.
About 240,000 folks tour the Edison-Ford WinterEstate per year to enjoy the abundant grounds, gardens and inventions.  The E.I.A. is likewise honored by the privilege of having two Inventor Display Cases included among those more historical accomplishments.  Each Display Case offers members an amazing opportunity to show more recent innovations, inventions and products to the world.
 Here are some tips to help E.I.A. members prepare their display.
     1.      Each Display Case measures 3 ft x 3 ft x 1 ft high.
      2.      Digital picture frames favor jpeg photo slide shows.
      3.      Avoid “busy” displays….Use little to say a lot.
      4.      Describe your invention with Keywords & Features.
      5.      Don’t be too technical - Limit extensive text materials.
      6.      Include patent number- page copy - News Releases.
      7.      Describe invention evolution (prototype - product)
      8.      Include pictures of Inventor - people – human interest
      9.      Include business card – web site – contacts 
    10.   Our Display Case video has hints for proud displays.

          Create your "slide" posters as individual 4.75h x 6.25w jpg pictures.
          Video samples suggest a layout for text, graphics and spacing.
          Presentation sequence is controlled by naming posters 1-, 2-, 3-, etc
          The picture frame will create a timed "slide" show. It's magic!

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