Sunday, September 29, 2013

E.I.A. Sept. Meeting & Display

The EIA display cases at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates are refreshed. 

In one display case - world-wide visitors can review our latest EIA meeting of 9-18-13, including an agenda with posters, pictures and details that recall facts and favors of Trademarks and Copyrights.   

Yes, some things last longer than others!                                                                                                         
Our thanks to member/presenter James Cardle, Patent Attorney)

The second display case offers review of our EIA “group participation” in a product development exercise that lasted several meetings.  Photos, posters and prototypes reflect steps of our pursuit of a Soap Pedestal product.  Brainstorming, branding, prototyping, packaging, marketing, etc, etc.

EIA members may display inventions, products and services that similarly assist and inform viewers of our display cases.  

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