Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Catching Up

We've been busy...trying to catch up with things before years end.
Our warehouse is under alteration, adding an office for comfort during talks.
The talks will likely involve inventor and business assistance.
 Great Ideas Advisory is being created as a division of Ballback Inc. to guide ideas, products, projects and business thru a Fast Track timeline for reaching success.  More to come!.

To regain some warehouse space - we pushed to finish our1980 MGB and let it adopt a new owner.  We just posted two of the final 26 videos describing all the things we did on this car. Now, it's time to move on...make more room...and focus on other ventures.
To see how we installed air conditioning in the car, visit the web site (MGB Videos.com) or check out the video at You Tube: http://youtu.be/CS0SIt6iT6Q
The second video describes the switches and controls - to assist the next owner. The same choices of viewing are available: http://youtu.be/5dtkw3Vbb_k
And (we said we've been busy) we just submitted a video and tons of info to Edison Nation...in hopes of finding interest in our Barnacle Stripper.  We'll see!

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