Friday, July 3, 2009

Keep It Quiet

As a die-hard inventor, I love finding stories that confirm lessons preached by my mentors. Yes, you’ve heard it before -“Confidentiality Agreements are important!” But –Wait! (as Bill Mays would say).

We’ve been told certain rules to follow before disclosing particulars about our great ideas or other things. They warned us to be cautious about spilling too much information. And be careful who you talk to. Signed Agreements should be filed to assure responsible silence. But, do they work? How strong are they? Well, this story says they’re pretty damn good!

The Associated Press informed us that the former wife of a popular anti-wrinkle guru cannot publicly discuss their relationship. She had signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

The former husband wrote several best-sellers and offers skin care and dietary advice. Now, she was planning national television exposure which might harm his business interests. The courts said no way. She appealed, citing free speech. Still, the high court ruled unanimously that her First Amendment rights were waived by the Confidentiality Agreement. How about them apples!

I figured the signed papers had strength. Never did I dream - enough to quiet a spouse. Wow!
(You might consider copying and filing this I did.)

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