Friday, July 3, 2009

Make My Day

My wife gets mad when I fail to get up early. Too often, I have to stumble down the driveway to gather the morning paper…way before my preferred 10 am rise. She yells, “What will the neighbors think?”

I murmur my answer. But, if they wish…they can view my office window at 2:30 am to watch the lights finally go dim. I do my bookwork late. I read the newspaper late, too. Things are better that way.

The paper is purposely avoided until I’ve experienced momentum, accomplish some simple things and get the feeling that the rest of the day is worth living. But, Then I open the news. Depression sets in!

My daily struggle is no different than any other entrepreneur; trying to push a product, pay bills, keep customers happy and hopefully finish the day – gaining a dollar or two. I don’t think I ask much.

So, why would I want to start the day by reading such dribble as a councilwoman admitting to grabbing bribes in the thousands. As a wife of a congressman, no less – whose office pleads “this has been a trying time…” Get real!

The dirty money related to dealings with a $1.2 billion sludge disposal contact. Must be the cream was too tempting (others already pleaded guilty). Such flagrant abuse and available temptation scares me. My world deals with sport stores never paying invoices on time, while I have electric bills that won’t wait. Your story is probably similar. Hey lady, take a walk in our shoes!

Trying to escape such nonsense, I usually turn to the sports page. What there? More Insults!

An NBA player (from Turkey) is turning free agent after refusing a four- year $36 million contract extension for playing a game. He wants $50 million. That’s for putting a round ball in a bigger hole. Good grief!

Such abuse of financial reward is too much. Such greed sours me. Both stories drain any resemblance of incentive from the working class. It’s demeaning to anyone completing the simple, necessary and often thankless chores of every day. Why do others demand such indulgence?

Now you know why I prefer my sleep -and a tardy paper to read much later. And I’m not overly concerned about my neighbor’s thoughts. The truth? I simply want to delay ruining my day.

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