Friday, September 11, 2009

Product Video Variations

Here are two examples of using videos to explain your product to different audiences.First you’ll see my “original” clip that appeared on You Tube under my channel "Inventor Videos". This video was part of a series of instructional/informative entries to assist other inventors and entrepreneurs (my targeted audience in this case).

The second Video describes the same product, but in a different manner. This version may appear more viewer friendly (with some humor)- but still informative. It was intended to encourage sales of the item – rather than dwelling on the invention process. Notice how this video is flavored to entertain a more "public" audience. Following the video is a paragraph from its presentation on a dedicated web site (where you’ll find further description of the product).

"You'll love this video! It's about helping your golf game. Forget boring putting drills and endless pro putting tips. Putting practice has never been such fun. As usual, the simplest tool seems to do the best job. Putting Tuner teaches you to stroke firmly, with on-line accuracy to lower your score and put fun back in your game. Are you ready to brag about "putting out" with no yips or gimmies? Get ready to putt like a pro!"

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