Saturday, September 12, 2009

Putt Like A Pro

You'll love this video! It's about helping your golf game. Forget boring putting drills and endless pro putting tips. Putting practice has never been such fun. As usual, the simplest tool seems to do the best job. Putting Tuner teaches you to stroke firmly, with on-line accuracy to lower your score and put fun back in your game. Are you ready to brag about "putting out" with no yips or gimmies? Get ready to putt like a pro!

PUTTING TUNER - Every golfer wants one
  • Putt Like A Pro
  • Tune Up Your Game
  • Save Strokes
  • Putting Tuner is the Perfect Golfer Gift
PUTTING TUNER is a great golf putting practice aide.It's solid aluminum (anodized finish) for stability & long life.You can use it on the putting green - (anywhere -even in the hole) or on carpet in your own home.

A tighter target (the tuning fork) kicks perfect putts right back to you. You get a musical note and a great reward. Stand 4 to 5 feet away and stroke firmly. Hear the music. Stroke again!

Forget the yips and the gimmies. Put like a pro. Practice your routine, stance and stroke. Develop the confidence of great putting. You'll enjoy the game a lot more. After practicing with Putting Tuner...the hole looks like a bucket.Putts account for 40% of your score. Don't miss the short ones. Forget the bad grass, spike marks and volcanic mounds near the hole. Stroke with confidence. Obey two rules:
  • Maintain a true target line. (Hit it!)
  • Get the ball to hole (Hit it!)
Proper putts should firmly reach the hole - to fall in. Repition of routine, stance and firm strokes keep the ball on line. Confidence helps. So will Putting Tuner!

It's fun to practice with Putting Tuner - anywhere.

Putt Like A Pro
Tune Up Your Game
Save Strokes

Putting Tuner
is the perfect Golfer Gift

Many pros will suggest you find the most comfortable putter of choice. (They like to sell clubs). It'll work wonders for a while - until it's familiar and you concentrate less. Then it's little better than the last one. How much did that putter cost?

Sorry, but real putting skill comes from practice. And putting practice is dependent on routine, stance and stroke. It's that simple. Yes, there are distracting hills, valleys and nasty slopes on treacherous greens. But, you must have a pure stroke aimed at a distinct target for every putt matter the desired destination. You MUST hit your chosen target. That's what Putting Tuner is all about!

Oh! Didn't the pro tell you....good putting requires practice - practice - practice. I bet he did!

And he probably mentioned those words - routine, stance and stroke. Sometimes that gets a little BORING. But, not with Putting Tuner. Home gatherings, coctail parties and golf stories become more fun when your friends enjoy some short strokes, hear the music and get a retrurned ball...for another stroke.

cotton filled gift box

It's a perfect Golfer Gift.

They'll remember you every
time they putt.....
and when they add their
improved score.

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