Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here's some info on our BALLAWAY (ball holder).....

Ballaway mounts on your basketball goal pole (use belt)-or-on a wall (use screws) of the garage, game room or closet. You can now "put the ball away" (as Mom would say). The ball won't be rolling around any more!

Basketballs, soccer balls, football and playballs all nest nicely to stay where they belong. Ballaway now comes in bright yellow.

Ballaway - Perfect Ball Holder

$8.95    Plus Shipping    U.S.sales only
Yellow only.

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             The BALLAWAY Sport Ball Holder

Do you have some special sport balls? Then you will surely think of keeping them in a safe place.  You want them handy, ready whenever you are.  You want to grab the sport ball and go. So, It should be somewhere handy, readily available and easy to find.
Have you heard of the BALLAWAY sport ball holder?  If not, in just a few minutes I can tell you all about it.

The basic principle of the BALLAWAY product is the “hold” the sport ball.  Keep it handy. Keep it from rolling away.  The unit is shaped to cradle the most popular sport balls, including basketballs, footballs, volleyballs and soccer balls. Some folks set their baseball glove and ball in them

 The BALLAWAY units can be attached to a wall or post to simply nest the balls or sport equipment for ready access.  It’s simple, light weight, long lasting and easy to mount.  You have options! You can quickly mount BALLAWAYS in game rooms, closets, garages, offices or other convenient spots.  Slots are available for easy screw attachment to any wall.  There’s also a detachable bullet belt that is utilized to secure the BALLAWAY to poles, like the ones supporting some basketball goals.  You snip the belt with scissors, and stretch it around the pole. The bullet belt slides into retaining slots to clamp the unit against the pole.  You can store a ball or two...right where you’re practicing free throw shooting...or playing a game with friends.  

The BALLWAY products or the units of ball storage have great advantages. The BALLAWAY is a very helpful and simple way to arrange sports ball in any garage area, kid's bed room, playground or anywhere else. It supports, retains and displays the nested sport ball in an organized manner. Your sport balls are always ready to launch.  And you know where they are. Oh yes, parents will be pleased.
 So, now you know.  BALLAWAY can be used for basketball, football, soccer ball and volleyball storage. Anywhere you like! The BALLAWAY product is designed to easily mount and provide a secure resting spot for your varied sport equipment. It’s simply an easy way to keep track of things...keeping them handy...where they remain readily available ...for your pleasure.  You won’t be wasting time, try to find your favoured sport ball.  Just grab it and go. Go have some fun!  

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