Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here's info on our PEDESTAL ball display holder...a trophy stand...

Pedestal is the perfect holder for your trophy ball. Basketball, football, soccer and play balls all nest nicely for storge. Collectibles and game balls are displayed in home or office for bragging rights. The golden trophy stand has a spot for engraved or printed plate. Everyone loves a trophy!

Pedestal  displays your favorite sport ball as a golden trophy.

$6.95      Plus Shipping    U.S. sales only.

P.S. You can save at - Purchase Pedestal with a BALLBACK or Ballback PRO and it ships for free in the same big box

The PEDESTAL Trophy Ball Display Stand

Everybody loves trophy.  It hardly matters how big it is...or what it cost.  The remembrance of a special event is nearly priceless.  The simple display of a favoured sport ball can refresh a great   memory....of a day to remember.  That’s what most trophies are remind us of a great event. 
Let’s admit it - we all enjoy displaying our special memorabilia. We like to show off our autographed sport balls....or game balls from a big event. We’re not being vain.  It’s just human brag a bit.  We simply love to display our most coveted trophies.  They deserve to be displayed in very attractive and fashionable way.  (But let’s not spend a lot of money!).  

Well, now you can display that special sport ball with the pride and posture it deserves.  It won’t be rolling around somewhere, semi lost or forgotten. You now have a way to properly store, contain and display your favoured sport ball.  The product is called the PEDESTAL.  This article is all about it.
We presume some of your trophies include sports balls. Maybe they are autographed by special players.  Maybe it’s a basketball from the finals. Doesn’t matter, it can be any ball that brings back memories. You just want to look at it and savour the memory... the event...the game.   

The PEDESTAL trophy stand provides an appropriate storage spot for that special sport ball, whether a football, basketball, baseball or any ball of any shape.  They all seem to fit. They nest in the fingers of the PEDESTAL.  It keeps them from rolling around.  Your sport ball is positioned on a pedestal....where it belongs. ...prominently displayed. 

Your PEDESTAL will draw attention anywhere in the home – the bedroom, game room or office.  The PEDESTAL seems to start a sport conversation upon sight.  Now, you’ll have opportunity to brag about the special event it recalls.  It is indeed the perfect holder for your beloved trophy balls and a great conversation starter.
Of course, the PEDESTAL may be the most affordable trophy you’ll find.  The fantastic golden trophy stand has a spot for personalized label, name or engraved plate for specific identification.
The PEDESTAL will keeps those treasured items identified, safely stored, secure and pleasantly visible to all.  Your memorabilia stays safeguarded, secure and magnificently shown. Like I said, everyone loves a trophy.

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