Monday, October 12, 2009

7 Traits of an Entrepreneur

Gannett News Service provided our local paper (Ft.Myers News-Press) with a story claiming there are seven traits of an entrepreneur. I’ll repeat them here – in short form with comments of interpretation.

7 Traits of an Entrepreneur

1. You are driven to succeed (motivated to achieve goals).
2. You are a self started-go getter (without instruction).
3. You see opportunities-not problems (challenges spur you on).
4. You take control of your destiny (bearing responsibility).
5. You risk security (regardless of safety net).
6. You thrive on change (welcoming the ride).
7. You know the necessity of profit (money motivates).

They said the word “entrepreneur” originated from the French word “entreprendre”- meaning “to undertake”. The word emphasizes an attempt to act – not the outcome of the action. That’s bad news!

It appears you become an “entrepreneur” simply by “trying” like hell. “Succeeding” isn’t a necessary part of the formula. Even a continuous failure at business can claim the distinguished title of being an “Entrepreneur”. Ouch! I don’t like the sound of that!

Let’s avoid contorted definitions and unearned claims. Let’s reserve the title of “Successful Entrepreneur” for only those who satisfy the seven traits and reach their goal of actual “accomplishment” or “success”.

Being just an “entrepreneur” is admirable and acceptable as a “GOOD THING”. But, becoming a “successful entrepreneur” is much more enviable and a “GREAT THING”. It deserves special recognition, reward and the more meaningful title.

(Surprise! Surprise! Some say “success ain’t easy”. Here’s hoping you can grab the prized title of “Successful Entrepreneur”).

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