Monday, October 19, 2009

Innovation Roadshow Workshop

WOW! I survived a 9 hour "Innovation Roadshow Workshop" hosted by the Small Business Development Center of Florida Gulf Coast University, Planet Eureka, and the Edison Inventors Association (my favorite club). I must admit it was enlightening and well worth my 6 A.M. wakeup. Maybe you've heard of the famed Eureka Ranch and inventor guru Doug Hall. Yes, WOW!

Our workshop opened as Dan Regelski, Regional SBDC Director introduced Ken Bloemer, Executive Director of Planet Eureka. Ken reluctantly insisted we all sign a confidentiality agreement to keep all secrets within the walls. There was no need. He won us over with personality, performance and insights we inventors beg to hear and hold forever.

Exposed as an inventor himself, Ken proved sympathetic to our needs, faults and desire for product success. For market push he supplied facts, figures and secrets to ”get’er done”. Like-minded entrepreneurs were soon exchanging ideas, slaying naysayers, and yelling supportive assistance to excite everyones product pursuit. We became family! The time flew!

Dan Regelski planned appropriate time for coffee, donuts and fruit. At noon, boxed lunches appeared with extras for an afternoon break. Likewise applauding this program, Dan echoed our appreciation of the FGCU facility and supplied pamphlets of other planned business events.

(Picture of Dan Regelski (left) and Ken Bloemer) will post the details of future "workshop" locations. I urge every inventor and entrepreneur to attend. Just set your alarm to a low number and be prepared for a high flying day that will blow you away with… Oops, that’s all Ican say! (Except thanks also to Cathy Solich of EIA).

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