Saturday, October 3, 2009

Inventor Plan

Today I posted some info on MY SPACE about my attendance at a recent seminar by Planet Eureka. I’m hoping my FORUM topic will generate comments on “Invention Submission Companies” (like those on TV - with terrible reputations). I want to pass it all on and warn everyone of the reported horrors. Likewise, I hope to direct traffic to this site (and my sidebar sites) to allow open conversation and input regarding respected assistance for inventors and entrepreneurs. Do you know the difference between the two?

I say inventors are thinkers, tinkerers and folks with innovative ideas (sometimes having several boiling at one time). Too often, they have secret things that stay hidden “in the closet”.

I define an entrepreneur as one actively pursuing a product – doing their best to turn the invention into a viable, profitable product. Yes, they have secrets too – but are more likely to aggressively network to accomplish their task.

My experience says that entrepreneurs are the real risk taker. They usually invest more money and effort than the inventor. They have to nurture the idea into a marketable product by considering the real world of designs, materials, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, commissions, price and marketing avenues. They “dress" your product for best presentation and possible success - to “make it happen”. It all takes time and money….far more than the initial inventor dreams, sketches, welding, bending and clay modeling. The things I favor!

Sometimes the inventor becomes the entrepreneur. However, many inventors are limited “part-timers” - without time, talent or funds to advance into marketing their product. Others, like myself, may admit they wore both hats ...poorly. Only a few are really good at it. In short, inventors must learn to network with other expertise.

Too many inventors fantasize they can “do it all”. Maybe they can “help”. But, most of us should team with “full-time” marketers (reputable experts) and let them contribute the skills we lack.

Okay! Okay! I am not belittling the inventor. I am one. I know our strengths, our struggles, and our pain. But, I admit it - the horrendous burdens of pushing a product to reality are far too difficult for most inventors. We should save our time for inventing – doing our part of the plan. Focus on your personal talents and abilities. Stay where you are most "productive". Be the best you can be, but avoid being what your NOT. Try Networking!

Hear my plea - partner up with experts. Please, release those frustrating (mundane) productions and/or marketing burdens. Yes, you can orchestrate activities - manage the overall business plan. But, learn to share the burdens and rewards. Let others help to “make it happen”, and reward them properly. Everyone needs a nice piece of the pie - (just like the inventor). But limit your visits to the kitchen. Let the cooks do their magic. Inventors should focus on their own thing - discovering another “great idea”. That's enough responsibility!

Now you know why I took the time to attend the Planet Eureka “Roadshow Workshop” and spent hours preparing my invention submission to the Merwyn Business Simulator. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. But, I practice what I preach. My goal is to gather every productive “partner” who can lessen my burdens, help my products and limit my distractions. I'm busy inventing!

Trust me, I don’t know what will happen. But, I’m committed to teaming with others who can "push" my products (like the PuttingTuner) and “make it happen”. I need time for tinkering! What's your plan?

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