Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's A Flippin' eBook?

There’s something new on the sidebar of our web page. You’ll love it! It’s an unusual eBook format called a “multimedia eBrochure”. The topic is Tom’s Bio, titled “How to Become an Inventor in Paradise”. The pages flip when touched. But there’s more to the story!

By nature, eBrochures are brief, informative and entertaining presentations. Nothing dull seems allowed. You’re surprised by embedded sound, exploding photos and mini videos. Friendly content is easily absorbed along the way.

Such short stories and their bigger brothers - multimedia eBooks – are produced by software from utilizing transmission of DNL files. This publication format offers an exciting tool for sending your message of product promotion, vacations, business opportunities or a personal bio (like mine). You’ll see!

What is DNL? A visit to Desktop Author explains it better. They report a super safe, virus immune procedure for transmitting multimedia materials (photos, audio and videos). You’ve seen many videos where mouths move – and sound comes later. Some media transmissions are haunted with stalls, flickers, delays or stoppage. DNLfiles were created to avoid such issues.

After scanning viewable samples eBooks, eBrochures and a trial program, we purchased software from They offer tutorials, instruction manual, and a sales/distribution program for your publications. In short, their program releases several pages for reader review, stalls for purchase procedure and releases remaining pages. The author gets a “royalty”.

Our short bio book conforms to rules allowing free submission and free distribution within their program. It was a quick test of something ideal for travel logs, product presentations and brief bios.

You can submit a multimedia publication of 22 MB max (our Bio book is 20 MB) to their public library. However, your viewer may visit a landing page of library ads before selecting your book and must download a temporary DNL reader for viewing. To try it- click the book cover of this post. It just takes a while.

After testing, we moved our published DNL files to our domain host. Now, our publications are delivered free and fast within a compressed, super safe Zip file. Just click the sidebar eBook image. Our bio book downloads within 60 seconds. But WAIT!

Before that (if you haven’t already) click our sidebar link for a free, direct download (no advertizing) of the DNL Reader. It takes only 15 seconds. Everything is faster, safer!

Our sidebar DNL reader goes directly to “download mode”. No extra landing pages of confusing ads or icons leading you elsewhere. In 15 seconds, you’ll you get “congratulations” and are ready to witness all future DNL files with ease. Now, Click the book - You’re good to go! (You can still get the book by clicking the book cover in this post. It just takes longer!)

We’re planning additional eBooks and eBrochures for disclosing news of inventions, products, innovative ideas and some tales to interest inventors and entrepreneurs. Here’s hoping you enjoy the results! Maybe you'll dream other ideas for this format. Let us know!

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