Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 Minute Stripper Video

Here’s our example of trying some “split-testing”.
To introduce our new product - The Barnacle Stripper – we created a quick video that’s identified as “Take 1”.
It’s intended for our web site and product description to factories, distributors and marketing partners …needing a grasp of what we have.
Well, why not try other voices – besides the inventor?
We contacted www.Fiverr.com to hire three separate audio voice-over gigs.
We edited and merged the best audio file into our existing video and identify it as “Take 2”.
Now you can hear both…and offer opinion of preference.  Pick the best!

 The 2 Minute StripperTake 1 - the inventor. 

The 2  Minute StripperTake 2 - the pro.

Be nice…email: tom@inventorsparadise.com

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