Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Inventor Motivation

The March meeting of Edison Inventors Association included three speakers that echo the same mantra of inventor motivation.

Brooks Courtney invents cabinet materials -  www.ez-level.com   – and told advantages of using Google ad words and utilizing methods of “split testing”.  Yes, it takes a little effort. 

Joe Gross introduced an innovative “Custom Survival Pack” now marketed through www.GriffinTradingCompany.com  .   With partners Liz Gross and Jeff Smith, they offer customized packs for special considerations. They’re already testing trade fairs and internet sales.  

Yours truly displayed our latest product – The Barnacle Stripper. This tool was immediately developed after frustrating boat maintenance.  To evaluate the product, we rapidly built a prototype…filed for patent…and created a web site….while the iron was hot. More info will appear at  www.BarnacleStripper.com

The common theme preached by each speaker was simple. You must take initiative to give your idea (your product) a fair chance  to succeed.
 Don’t let ideas die a slow death from sluggish neglect.
You  must “Get going”, “Step it up” and “Get R done”.

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