Sunday, April 14, 2013

Timely Patent Advice

Saturday morning this night owl arose (bright and early) to attend an intellectual presentation at Lakes Regional Library, Ft Myers - from a fellow member of Edison Inventors Association.

Mr. Francis J. Fodale is an Associate Professor of Law at Ave Maria School of Law. He shared some insight regarding the rules, nuances and recent changes at the USPTO.

Mr. Fodale presented a slide show to reflect specific patent rules and definitions in their official (but difficult) governmental jargon.  Gratefully - to assist understanding by humans - Frank provided gentle interpretation, personal experience and a dash of humor.

From Q & A and Fodale wisdom, we all learned something about patent application, claims, benefits and consequences. Here’s a major tip: You may be wise to construct your Provisional Patent Application just as though it was a proper Non-Provisional Patent Application Yes, complete!

Okay, I admit it was worth getting up early on Saturday morning...thanks to Frank.

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